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Cacturne in Smart Contest

I decided to start with a familiar pokemon - Cacturne. I caught a Cacturne that was "Careful" and likes "bitter food". Looking up berries, I felt that planting Durin was the best option. After growing Durin berries, I went to the Poffin house and made about eight or nine poffins and fed them to Cacturne to max out her "Smart" condition.

I took her to a guy in Pastoria City who felt that she earned the Green Scarf. I then headed to Hearthome where I entered her into a Normal rank of the Smart contest. She kicked major butt in Visual and Dancing but her Acting was not what I wanted. Her following moves were:

Faint Attack
Sucker Punch
Leech Seed

All but one (I believe Leech Seed?) only gave out two hearts. The move with no hearts said something about "High score later" but I never understood what it meant. I think I'll be changing the moves around - if possible.
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